How much 💸 can you get for your home in Kansas City?

How It Works

Sell Your House Quick & Easy in Just 4 Simple Steps

Navigating today’s real estate landscape can be complex but we’ve simplified the process of selling your house. We are proud cash home buyers who have streamlined the house selling journey into four straightforward steps, providing a stress-free and expedited solution for homeowners. Here’s a quick rundown of how we’ve made selling your house for cash an effortless experience.

Step 1: Initiate Your Cash Offer Request

Kick-start the process by dialing (660) 466-2600 to talk to us, or alternatively, fill out the cash offer request form on our website.
How We Buy Houses in Missouri - Step 2

Step 2: We Review Your Request in Detail

Upon receiving your request, we act promptly. We will connect with you to organize a convenient time for a walkthrough of your house.

How We Buy Houses in Missouri - Step 3

Step 3: Get Your Guaranteed Cash Offer

We'll craft a guaranteed cash offer, free of charge, and tailored to your specific requirements. It's fast, fair, and created with your best interests in mind.

How We Buy Houses in Missouri - Step 3

Step 4: Sell Your House and Get Paid!

Once you accept our offer, we'll collaborate to pick a suitable date and time to close the deal at a local title company or attorney's office.

How Long Will It Take To Sell My House and Get Paid?

When you sell your house to us, time is truly on your side. One of the main advantages of working with us is that we are a committed team of cash home buyers. Rather than enduring lengthy waits that can span months, our process can be wrapped up in as little as a week, from the initial communication to the final closing. This rapid turnaround allows you to proceed with your future plans without unnecessary hold-ups.
Day 1

Begin the journey by contacting us to request a cash offer for your house.

Day 2

Our dedicated team takes the time to carefully examine your request and the specifics of your property.

Day 3

Considering the unique attributes of your house, we design a personalized offer to purchase your property.

Day 4

We encourage you to take the necessary time to review our offer, and we welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

Day 5

When you're ready and confident with your decision, let us know your ideal date and time to close the deal.

Day 6

Conclude the sale of your house, receiving the full cash offer amount with no hidden charges or fees.

Choosing us means you’re selecting a professional team dedicated to making the house selling process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We take pride in serving homeowners like you with our reliable and efficient services.

How We Create and Calculate Your Cash Offer

Securing the right cash offer for your house extends beyond simply locking in the most attractive dollar amount. An impressive offer may initially grab your attention, but it’s important to remember that verbal assurances or paper contracts don’t always materialize into successful outcomes. On occasion, prospective buyers or agents may dangle a tempting price, only to underdeliver when it truly counts. Such situations can result in wasted time and unwarranted stress.
To sidestep these obstacles, we strongly recommend evaluating not only the presented price but also the buyer and the conditions of the offer. A reliable offer is one that includes comprehensive, favorable terms, covering aspects like the inspection period, closing date, financing, occupancy, and escrow deposit.
A buyer’s credibility can often be gauged by examining their professional track record, reading testimonials, checking social media reviews, and researching their online reputation. We stand for utmost transparency, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to conduct a similar vetting process with us or any potential cash home buyers.

Our Cash Offers are Anchored in the After Repair Market Value (ARV) of Your House

When we craft your cash offer, we base it on the value of your house if it were fully renovated or “spruced up”. Imagine, for instance, that you and your neighbor have identical houses, but your neighbor’s house boasts several enhancements, such as granite countertops, a fresh coat of paint, a new roof, and hardwood floors. If this upgraded house sells for $225K, we can deduce that, given similar upgrades, your house could also fetch a value of $225K.
Taking into account the cost of repairs and upgrades, we aim to deliver an offer that aligns with our investment model. If this also meets your selling expectations, it’s a win-win, and we can move forward with closing the sale.
Cash Offers Based on ARV

Here's How We Shape Your Cash Offer

[Your Cash Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]
Let’s break down how we calculate our cash offers:
After Repair Value (ARV)

After Repair Value (ARV)

We start by figuring out what your house would be worth in a sellable condition - this forms the ARV.

Cost of Repairs

Cost of Repairs

Next, we estimate the costs we'd incur to renovate your house to the ARV.

Selling Costs

Our Selling Costs

Once your house is renovated, we factor in the expenses we'll have to bear when selling, such as agent fees, closing costs, taxes, and holding costs.

Profit Margin

Our Profit Margin

As a business, it's vital for us to ensure that our offers accommodate a sensible profit margin. Typically, this falls around 10%.

Considerations When Forming Your Cash Offer

Our cash offers are calculated meticulously, taking into account an array of factors.

Property Value

We look at comparable sales, active listings, and expired listings in your area, focusing on elements such as square footage, lot size, year built, construction materials, and proximity to amenities.

Renovation Costs

We estimate repair costs, paying particular attention to major items like the roof, HVAC system, electrical work, and foundation. General updates are generally estimated on a cost per square foot basis.

Property Options

Our approach is flexible and innovative. We employ multiple strategies for each property, which aids us in crafting an offer that syncs with your goals and our investment model.

Navigating the house selling process can be intricate, but remember that we’re here to support you at every juncture. Our cash offer process is designed to be transparent, fair, and mutually beneficial. We strive to equip you with knowledge so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation.

Real Stories From Our Clients

Hi there, I’m Oliver, and I’d like to share my experience of selling my house to Missouri Valley Homes.

My reason for selling

The house I lived in was a beautiful space that had served me well over the years. It had potential to be a spectacular property worth approximately $225,000, if in perfect condition. Unfortunately, time and circumstantial neglect had led to it needing substantial repair work, costing roughly around $50,000. As I assessed the situation, I realized that handling these repairs before selling, as is traditional, would be a colossal task – both financially and in terms of time investment.
The conventional route of selling a house seemed overwhelming. It would involve making necessary renovations, finding a trustworthy real estate agent, staging the house for potential buyers, navigating through price negotiations, and then waiting for the buyer’s loan approval. I also realized that even after doing all this, there was no guarantee of when the house would sell, considering the unpredictable nature of the real estate market.
Oliver | Missouri Home Seller

Finding a reliable buyer in my area

One evening, after the decision to sell, I decided to research online for potential “cash home buyers in Missouri”. I came across a number of options but, after reading through several reviews, Missouri Valley Homes caught my eye. They had positive reviews, their website was professional and well-maintained, and they seemed transparent about their process.

What the selling process was like

Starting the selling process was a breeze. I filled out their online form, providing my contact details, property address, and a brief description of the house’s current state and required repairs.
Within no time, I received a call from their team. They were friendly and professional, asking me a few more questions about the property. After the call, we scheduled a walkthrough of the house.
They arrived punctually for the walkthrough. They inspected the house thoroughly, understanding the repairs needed. Their understanding and empathetic approach put me at ease.
After the walkthrough, they explained how they calculate their cash offers. They considered the After Repair Market Value (ARV) of my home, subtracted the cost of repairs, their selling costs, and their minimum profit. Given my home’s potential value of $225,000 and the $50,000 repair cost, I was eager to hear their offer.
Within a few days, I received their offer. It was fair and transparent. There were no hidden costs, and they reassured me they would handle all the closing costs. I decided to accept the offer, feeling it was the best decision for my circumstances.

How long it took to sell

I was astounded by how easy the entire process was. From the day I reached out for an offer to the day I sold my house it took just under two weeks. The convenience and speed of this process reaffirmed my decision.
Selling my house was straightforward and hassle-free. Their transparency and professionalism made the process seamless, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a swift and fair way to sell their house for cash.

What Is A Cash Home Buyer and How Do I Find a Good One?

A cash home buyer is an individual, a company, or a group – frequently a real estate investor – with the financial capacity to purchase your house outright, eliminating the need for financial assistance from banks, lenders, or other external financial entities. Given that these buyers operate using their own funds, they hold the ultimate decision-making power in the purchase, negating the need for external approvals or inspections. This can expedite the transaction significantly.
Here’s an easy five-step guide to locating a cash home buyer in your area:
Find a Cash Home Buyer in Missouri

Step 1: Find a local buyer

The simplest way to identify cash home buyers is through a basic Google search. Phrases like “we buy houses”, “sell my house for cash”, or “cash for my house” can yield useful results. Aim for the highest-ranking results beneath the sponsored ads.
Bear in mind, though, that top placement through paid ads doesn’t automatically equate to reliability or an excellent reputation. It’s wise to keep an eye out for words like ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored’ preceding a listing.

Step 2: Do your research

Cash home buyers can vary greatly, particularly in relation to their cash offer amounts and the strategies they employ to calculate these offers. It’s crucial to comb through their websites in depth, browsing pages such as ‘How It Works’ or ‘How We Buy Houses’, ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Company’, and checking for authentic reviews from individuals who have sold their houses to them.
Look for signs of professionalism, transparency, a well-maintained website, and clear explanations. A company’s website often reflects their work approach. If it appears neglected, the company may not be the ideal choice.
Conducting Your Research
Submitting Your Property Details

Step 3: Submit your property info

Once you’ve pinpointed a trustworthy house buyer, initiate your cash offer process by providing your details. Generally, they’ll need a reliable means to contact you, the property address, and some information about the current state of the house and any required repairs.

Step 4: Schedule your appointment

With the necessary information at their disposal, the buyer can schedule an appointment to meet with you and inspect the property together. This is a prime opportunity to address any queries you may have. By the conclusion of the visit, you should receive a no-obligation offer to ponder over.
There should be no fees associated with these services. Most reputable cash home buyers understand the importance of this decision and will respect your need to contemplate it. Having a lawyer review the contract can prove beneficial.
Scheduling Your Appointment
Set Your Closing Date and Get Your Cash

Step 5: Set your closing date

If the offer meets your approval, the next step involves setting a closing date. On this day, you’ll receive the cash for your house – congratulations, you’ve successfully sold your house for cash to a cash buyer! Typically, the buyer will take care of all closing costs to render the transaction as smooth and attractive as possible for you, the seller.